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Criticizing the Heartland Institute      

(The Heartland Institute 2012 strategy documents are now available here)

Richard Pauli   Feb 2012

By doing the bidding of the carbon fuels industry, the Heartland Institute damages the future of all people by promoting delusional thinking on climate science.  The act of planting false science, promoting shill data gathering is a form of information terrorism that encourages self-destructive behavior world-wide.  Denial of global warming harms the future of our children.

In our highly technical world, anti-science thinking, and carbon contrarianism are a very, very dangerous things to promote.  In such an interconnected world, the harm caused by misleading science is real and extreme.  Your behavior is unethical and your misguided efforts to falsely educate children is immoral.

While we all think that deliberately lying for profit is wrong; you are scientifically nearsighted and dangerously ignorant.

Whether it is short term or long term you must stop this high risk behavior to promote misinformation about the causes of global warming.   It is the equivalent of a harmful child’s prank of telling someone at the edge

of a cliff that they can fly.   Or inviting someone to dive in, when you know they cannot swim.  Stop promoting falsehoods.  Telling us wrong facts that can harm and kill is unethical behavior.

Your fantasy notion that some other source of CO2 causes heating, or that solar cycles are behind global warming is a deliberate falsehood and horrible message to communicate.  

Stop promoting bogus science to forecast climate

Climate is just a long term collection of weather events.  We have weather reports and climate models that forecast weather trends.  When you discount and deny climate models  - it is very much like breaking apart a weather report.  

If a storm is coming, and an ideological, anti-science forecaster says it will be sunny and clear, we may be irked by such a bogus forecast.   But if tornadoes and floods and heatwaves are predicted in a forecast, and someone deliberately lies, offering a false forecast of cool and clear, well people unable to take cover would get caught and harmed if they could not seek safety.  Here, deliberate deceit causes injury and death.  This is what climate denialism is doing - constructing the wrong forecast about climate modeling.   Like a bogus weather report for tomorrow, the Heartland Institute promotes climate denial - it amounts to the criminal act of leading us into real danger.   Dangerously false forecasting - for both weather and climate - can bring real harm.  

Capitalism needs science not ideology

This is not a partisan issue.  It is a scientific one.   And your pandering of carbon fuel interests demonstrates investment risk avoidance that is essentially anti-capitalist.  The science says we must have non-carbon energy sources - but your economic paranoia and delusional adherence to carbon monopoly-thinking harms the future of the world.   You are acting like a carbon energy sociopath.

Science, even climate science, really does not carry an ideology.  It is just facts.  We don't fly in airplanes made by conservatives or liberals, because aerodynamics works without regard to politics.  And we don't buy food at supermarkets run by one ideological party or the other.  Quit trying to drive a wedge between respectable people of different opinions.  All of us - regardless of politics - must adhere to physical laws of the world.

You do a great disservice by weighing down conservatism with the concrete shoes of fanatical denial of climate science.   This just sacrifices everyone's future.   Including yours.  Change now.  

We need serious investments in non-carbon based energy. You know that.    Human generated CO2 emissions are a direct cause of excess heating of the planet.  And things will be getting progressively worse, how do you plan to react to that?  

Climate scientists know this - and when you attack the messenger it does nothing to change the facts.   Every military thinker knows that if you keep killing the messenger, very quickly it harms your campaign.  Now you are the morally bankrupt, puppet-mouthpiece messenger of carbon energy interests, with fingers stuck in your ears.  Your client companies know your actions are shameful and that is why they secretly pay you to say them.   Stop it.  

We offer a few positive suggestions:  

Time to dissolve and go away, or better yet, repent and re-invent yourselves and carry a proper message back to the carbon fuel industries.

First decide who you represent:  Heartland America or the coal

empires and other carbon monopolies?

If you want to represent the American heartlands then just do it.

If you want to represent the interests of coal, oil and gas -  then perhaps it’s time to remind your clients that coal and oil are dangerous products, it is time to put a warning on every sale.  Time to encourage alternatives, ask for serious investment in clean energy, ask for taxes on carbon.    It is time to apply true cost accounting for the long term costs of coal - for the costs and harm that happen long past the moment of combustion.  

Allow enlightened capitalism to flourish by investing smartly.  

Where are your profits when everyone is gone?  Quit trying to kill the population that makes up your markets of the future.  As much as possible, leave carbon fuel in the ground.   You have enough money now, invest big in clean energy.  

The complex political graft and PR campaigns that work to make this monopoly-supported world of carbon energy is not wise.

Heartland is a paid shill doing the dirty work for their client companies and individuals. Secrecy means that their contributions go to pay for acts they don’t want to be caught doing.   Now we see the names in the funding of anti-science curricula and distractionist science.

Humans have caused the CO2 emissions that heats the world -  further blocking the science is futile idiocy.  You try to distract by calling all this ideological alarmism.  Time to see that there is true and justified climate alarm.  

We realize that ruthless businesses may decide to spend even more on information thugs and PR scams.   But we are carefully watching the forecasts and the science.  It is long past time to act ethically.


Richard Pauli


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